Good Economic News From LCDC Board Meeting

The Laurens County Development Corporation board met in the board room of the Laurens County Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday and, among other things, got good news.

Executive Director Jonathan Coleman told the board that there were 15 RFIs (Requests For Information) during July and August bringing the total so far this year to 44.

Even better, during July and August there were 6 visits from prospective new industries with one scheduled to occur on Wednesday (today).  That brings the total of prospect visits to 13 so far during 2018.   That equals the total of prospect visits for 2015, 2016 and 2017 combined.  Mr. Coleman said that the LCDC is very busy but able to stay on top of the numerous requests.

Marketing Manager Whitney Robertson updated the board on the “Higher Opportunity” program.  That program is designed to grow a high tech workforce within Laurens County by assisting young people with acquiring the education and skills they need to land a well paying high tech job in Laurens County.  She provided board members with a mailing insert that is to be included in utility bills from the Laurens Commission of Public Works, the Laurens County Water-Sewer Commission and the City of Clinton.  The insert briefly outlines the program and directs prospective students to the website to learn more:

The board also heard a presentation from the Laurens County Trails Association’s Executive Donald Walker as well as Ms. Jamie Adair who is a member of their board.  The four year old organization is working to acquire easements to eventually extend Greenville County’s Swamp Rabbit Trail into and through Laurens County.  Doing so, they said, would provide health benefits for citizens as well as increased economic activity at developed spots along the trail.