Victim Talks His Way Into Becoming Suspect

   City of Laurens Police Officers were dispatched Monday to Fleming Street and Sumter Street after a report of shots fired.

While investigating, police were approached by a male asking if gun shots were heard, because someone shot at his home.

When investigating at the home, the officer found a bullet hole in the siding of the house, and also in the window.

After further investigation the supposed victim became a suspect, telling police that he met two males at a gas station and they offered him marijuana for $20.00 and he gave them a fake $50.00 bill. A dispute over the drug sale began followed by  a chase with guns being fired.

The subject, Nakerrius Lashad Pressley told police that he hung out the window of the car and fired multiple .380 caliber rounds at the other car, because he was fired at first, and then a few minutes later that the bullets entered his home.

After locating the weapon, Pressley was arrested for unlawful carry and taken to the Johnson Detention Center.

The report states that body camera footage of the incident will be added to evidence which explains more in detail the conversation with Pressley.

18 year old Nakerrius Lashad Pressley of 576 Fleming Street Laurens remains in the detention center awaiting bond charged with unlawful carry of a pistol and breach of peace, aggravated in nature.