City Of Clinton Prepares For Hurricane

City of Clinton personnel are actively monitoring Hurricane Florence as well as participating in state and local emergency management preparations. The City moved into Operation Condition 3 early this morning to further city preparations. City of Clinton Director of Risk Management Robin Entrekin encourages all citizens to begin preparations now, but especially those with special medical needs. “Citizens that have medical conditions/concerns such as prescription medications or home based oxygen generators and similar medical equipment should begin making preparations now for back up sources such as ensuring medications are filled, alternative electrical energy sources and fuel are available, as well as having fresh batteries for flashlights and additional water/food supplies on hand in the event of a power outage.” Clinton Public Works crews are working to clear storm drains in preparation for large amounts of rainfall and have contacted the Laurens office of the Department of Transportation to request preventative assistance in storm drain clean outs as well. “We realize there are several areas in the city limits that are prone to flooding when we receive significant amounts of rainfall. Unfortunately, some of the flood prone areas are located in state or privately maintained areas. We have requested assistance from the local department of transportation in regards to these problem areas,” reports Clinton Public Works Director Dale Satterfield. Satterfield also encourages residents to assist with keeping the storm drainage system working properly by not placing yard debris and other items adjacent or next to drainage structures.

Clinton City manager Bill Ed Cannon said yesterday “We have two Red Cross approved shelters that will be on standby should we need to open them. These shelters are the Laurens YMCA and the 1st Presbyterian Church Family Life Center in Clinton. “We are ready and City staff including key senior administrative staff, public works, police and fire personnel are on-call 24 hours a day to address any situation that may arise. Additionally, we are in constant contact with local and state emergency management agencies and we will post safety, outage information and weather updates on our website and social media outlets as it is available.” Clinton Police Chief Robin Morse encourages citizens to make emergency preparations and plans now reminding citizens, “It’s better to err on the side of caution.” To report an outage, street flooding, downed trees or power lines call 833.7520 or 833.7512.