Disorderly in the Parking Lot

Officers were sent to Ingles Thursday in reference to a suspicious person who had been walking around the store for some time and was currently outside walking around the front of the store.

It was also advised that the subject was now standing outside of the produce side door around several employees who were working and that the employees were uncomfortable and the manager was unsure of the subjects intentions.

Upon arrival officers located the subject with an object in his hand and as police were approaching, the subject opened the rear glass to his vehicle and dropped the item inside.

The subject was immediately identified him as Ronnie Knight through prior in counters.

As police confronted him, the subject was immediately defensive, claimed harassment, and used numerous profanities.

When the subject was advised of why the police were called, he said he was helping employees trying to fix a broken door.

The manager stated that the door was broke and the employees were working on it, but the subject was never asked to help.

The manager also said that there were multiple empty packages of phone accessories, but could not prove at that time that the subject was the one responsible.

When police advised the subject that his help was unwanted, and confronted him about the stolen property, he once again became agitated, started cursing and would not give permission for his vehicle to be searched.

Police told him that he was going to be arrested on charges of disturbing the peace, the subject started pleading for them to let him go and while he was being handcuffed, he began convulsing as if he was having a seizure.

The report states that the subject then purposely started banging his head against the pavement.

The officer place the subject’s hat between him and the pavement to protect him, the police immediately called EMS which transported him to Laurens County hospital.

The subject was medically cleared by the hospital and was then transported to the Johnson Detention Center.

The report states that the subject did tell EMS that he faked the seizure, but was still taken to the hospital where he was medically cleared. After leaving the hospital the subject was transported to the Johnson Detention Center, charged with disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.

Ronnie Herman Knight, age 38 of 147 Satterwhite Road Laurens was booked into the Laurens County Detention Center Thursday by the Laurens Police Department ticketed for public disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He remains on $1500 bond.