GHS + Palmetto = PRIMSA

Audiences gathered at locations across the Upstate and Midlands of South Carolina at 10:00 this morning for the announcement of a new name for health care. South Carolina Health began operations about a year ago with the merger of Greenville Health System with Columbia’s Palmetto Health.

A group of people gathered in GHS Laurens County Memorial Hospital for the announcement applauded as the new name, “PRISMA Health,” was presented along with its logo. The new name was the result of extensive research over the past year.

GHS South Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. David Williams, told those gathered in GHS Laurens County Memorial that, as part of GHS, he’s witnessed their collective ability to meet the vision of that organization to transform health care for the benefit of the people and communities they serve, and responding to our regional needs. “But we’re now on the cusp of something much, much larger – part of an expanded health system with a new health-purpose statement, serving a much wider patient population and allowing greater opportunities to improve the health of South Carolina.

In a pre-produced video streamed to all GHS and Palmetto Health hospitals, Co-Chairs Mike Rearden and Chuck Beaman explained that South Carolina Health was formed to merge Greenville Health System and Palmetto Health operations into one unit for both GHS and Palmetto Health hospitals to be better able to provide health care in their regions of the state; but that they have realized that there needs to be one culture for the new entity.

After the presentation from Greenville, WLBG asked Justin Benfield, Chief Operating Officer for GHS South, which includes Laurens County Memorial, what Laurens County residents should expect to see with the branding transfer from GHS to Prisma Health. “So the biggest change that the Laurens County residents are going to see would be our name, obviously. In the beginning of 2019 we’ll be transferring all of our affiliate branding and logos from our respective, historical brands to Prisma Health.” Benfield continued, “From a quality standpoint, we do think its beneficial to partner with other health care organizations to learn from their experiences as well as them learning from us. So, it really opens up a new world for expanded quality, expanded technology, expanded research to overall impact the health of our population.”

The new “Prisma Health” name and logo will be unveiled at local hospitals such as GHS LCMH in early 2019.