Questions? Check Out

The South Carolina Elections Commission has sent a mailing of cards to people who are probably eligible to vote, but probably not yet registered. Potential voters are advised that because of the flooding downstate, the deadline to register in time to vote in the upcoming General Election has been extended until October 17th across all of South Carolina.

Laurens County Elections Director Lynne West yesterday said she doesn’t want anyone who is registered, who may happen to receive this mailing, to become concerned about their voting status.

“The part that concerns me a little is that it’s possible that some voters, who are already registered, may receive the card. And if they do, that is fine. The voter should not be alarmed. It’s just an invitation to anyone who believes that they aren’t registered to go ahead and register. And if you have any questions you can check your registration at – or simply just call our office. We’ll be glad to help you.”

Remember, October 17th is the extended deadline to register so you can vote in the upcoming General Election in early November.