Drugs Too Dangerous to Test

Laurens City Police yesterday charged two people with unlawful drug possession on Lurey Street Monday. Both were arrested on Monday. 33-year-old Tara Inez Tumblin of 72 Race Track Road, Laurens is now charged with two counts, Possession of a Controlled Substance. 39-year-old James Eddie White Jr. of 122 Spartan Drive, Gray Court is charged with one count.

Warrants served on both, citing an investigation of Officer Sherfield, state that Tumblin and White were found to be in possession of a white crystal/rock-like substance on Lurey Street Monday that was considered not safe for field testing. In her second warrant, Ms. Tumblin is also accused of having a yellow pill identified as two dosage units of Xanax and a blue-green pill identified as Fetanyl. Both suspects were released yesterday on cash or surety bonds of $4,000 for Tara Inez Tumblin and $2,000 for James Eddie White Jr.