Sheriff Reynolds Announces Plans For New Firing Range Training Facility

At Tuesday evenings meeting of Laurens County Council Laurens County Sheriff Don Reynolds requested council’s ”Blessing” for his department to build a firing range near Bellview Church Road.

“We have a bulldozer to use, we have the funds to create a facility to keep our people well trained,” said Reynolds.

When asked if the noise from the range will disturb a nearby church, Reynolds said that the range will not be active on Sunday or Wednesday nights, and will have a tree line to suppress the sound.

Council unanimously approved Reynolds’ request. Council also voted to only have one meeting in November and December, which would be the first Tuesday of the month.

There was a question raised by Council member Diane Anderson regarding skipping a meeting in either July or August, which was deferred to the beginning of the new year when newly elected council members take their place on council.