ACT Scores for School District 56

The ACT test is a national college admissions exam for testing students in English, math, reading and science. In a report on the results of ACT texting, Laurens County School District 56 notes that South Carolina is one of seventeen states that tests all students when they’re Juniors. The report states that students scored lower this year across the nation and across South Carolina than the previous year’s graduating class.

Students’ mean composite score across the state dropped 4 tenths of a point. Here in District 56, the drop was 3 tenths of a point, with a score of 16.7. The highest possible score would be 36. District 56 had about 30 fewer test-takers in the “Class of 2018” compared to the previous year’s class.

District 56 scores on the English portion of ACT declined 1/10th of a point, compared to 2/10th statewide. District 56 Math scores increased 1/10th of a point, compared to a statewide decline of 4/10ths of a point.