“Where Are the Parents?”

“Where are the parents?” This question was foremost on the mind of Laurens District 55 School Superintendent Dr. Stephen Peters at last night’s board meeting. He was vocal about his displeasure about what he described as “the lack of parent involvement in the district.” Dr. Peters said that only a few students showed up at the Parent’s University from a school district with over 5,000 students.

The discussion continued after a presentation on assessment results, curriculum, and state report card overview by Jody Penland and discussion of how to address the data from Dr. Ameca Thomas. Following that update, Dr. Peters said, “None of this will work unless more of our parents are involved.” He added, “Behavior issues are not as bad when parents are involved!” Stephen Peters went on to say, “The day has come that, I as superintendent, have to stand up and say that I am going to bring an issue to the board that may be controversial, and it will say that this district is not going to raise your kids as well as educate them!”