Listen to the Judge!

A man was apparently upset with being arrested Friday, as indicated by Bench Warrants issued during his arraignment in Laurens Municipal Court. Laurens City Police arrested 55-year-old James Arthur Byrd of 1123 Sunset Park Extension, Laurens Friday and charged him with 1st offense Possession of Cocaine.

A warrant citing an investigation by Sgt. Gallo states that on November 2nd James Arthur Byrd was found to be in possession of a quantity of crack cocaine on Green Street in Laurens.

Judge Jackie Williams issued four Bench Warrants charging Mr. Byrd with Contempt of Court during his appearance. The first cited him with disrupting court proceedings by yelling and screaming, with obscenities, alleging that crack had been planted on him. The 2nd noted that after being told to calm down, Byrd continued to yell obscenities. The 3rd Bench Warrant stated that he continued yelling, cursing, screaming after being asked, numerous times, to stop. The 4th accused him of constantly yelling, cursing and screaming. James Arthur Byrd remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.