Clinton Recreation Complex

A new recreational complex is in the works for the city of Clinton. After an extended executive session at the conclusion of the November meeting of Clinton City Council held last night at the M.S. Bailey Municipal Center, council was asked to authorize their City Manager to conclude the purchase of two tracts of land on the north side of Clinton. After discussion, council voted unanimously for the requested action and to proceed with the recreational project.

The property, located near the intersection of South Carolina Highway 56 and Springdale Drive, encompasses some 170 acres and will cost more than $750,000. The funds will come from hospitality and accommodations taxes.

City Manager Bill Ed Cannon said the centerpiece of the park will be an amphitheater which will seat up to 2,500 people. A concept drawing of the park indicates playgrounds, ball fields and nature trails as well.

The property itself is not currently in the city limits of Clinton but is contiguous to the city. Plans are to immediately annex the land into the city once the purchase has been concluded.

After the meeting adjourned Mayor Bob McLean and Mr. Cannon answered questions from members of the media. Mayor McLean said that actually beginning this project was “like a dream come true. It’s something the city has wanted to do for a very long time.”