Polls are Open!

It’s election day across the United States. National and even international media have been reporting on the larger-than-usual numbers of people voting early this time…or, here in South Carolina, Absentee voting, prior to election day. While all mid-term elections in the United States are considered a reflection of voter attitude toward the sitting president, this one is considered even more so.

Across South Carolina, voters will decide on a Governor’s race and a statewide referendum on whether to have the State Superintendent of Education continue as an elected position or be appointed by the Governor. In Laurens County, voters will have a choice on whether or not Sunday alcohol sales should be allowed in non-incorporated areas of the county.

Laurens County residents will be able to vote for a 3rd Congressional District Representative to Washington, where Incumbent Republican Jeff Duncan of Laurens is seeking another term. The most visible challenger is Democrat Mary Geren of Anderson.

Of the three State House of Representative seats that include parts of Laurens County, all the candidates were decided either before of through the primary season back in June. The same goes for the Laurens County Council seats that were up for grabs this year.

The only local elected positions where the voters will weigh in today are three seats on the Laurens County District 55 School Board. Three people are seeking election for Seat 2, where long-time member Mike Fortune did not seek another term. The voters in that area of District 55 will chose today between Cathy Little, Jim Moore and Bessie Eaddy Williams. For seat 4, where Trustee Jim Lollis did not see re-election, the voters select between Steve Cole and Mark Earle. In Seat 6, District 55 School Board Chair Susan Calhoun-Ware is being challenged by David Underwood.

All three District 56 School Board seats had no opposition.

WLBG coverage of the local results of today’s voting begins at 7:00 this evening as the polls close. This will be broadcast live at Real Radio 860 WLBG and livestreamed on WLBG.com.