Kidnapping, Assault on Pregnant Woman

A Greenwood man is accused of kidnapping and assaulting a woman in a Clinton apartment yesterday. Clinton Police arrested 20-year-old Jamaius Cortez Louden of 1401 Pheonix Street, Apt 14-C, Greenwood and have charged him with Kidnapping and 2nd Degree Domestic Violence.

Jamaius Louden is accused of unlawfully seizing and confining the victim yesterday, November 7th, in a residence at 1321 South Broad. He allegedly restricted her ability to scream and physically forced her away from the exit to the residence, then forcibly moving her upstairs.

Louden is accused of causing physical harm to the victim, who was seven months pregnant with their child. He allegedly grabbed her with force, causing red marks about her back. He’s also accused of striking her multiple times and using his hands to restrict her breathing.

Cash or surety bonds were set totaling $5,000 on the charges of Kidnapping and 2nd Degree Domestic Violence. Jamaius Cortez Louden remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.