Bracelet Finds Missing Woman in 15 Minutes   

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office announced yesterday that new technology was able to quickly locate a missing person from the Watts Mill area this week.

The Sheriff’s Office responded to a call for service regarding a missing person in the Watts Mill area Tuesday, November 6th. The missing person was wearing a Sheriff’s Office “Project Lifesaver” Bracelet at the time she went missing. As a result, Deputies were able to use this new technology to locate her within 15 minutes of the call being dispatched. The missing person was then returned to her family.

Sheriff Don Reynolds said, “I want to encourage families to participate in Project Lifesaver. If a member of your family has Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or a similar medical condition, please utilize this service and let us help.” The Sheriff said that there will still be a need to provide personal care, but this greatly helps in securing their safety. Reynolds added there is no cost to the person associated with this service, adding, “and as you see, it saves lives.” He said that if anyone is interested in talking with the Sheriff’s Office about Project Lifesaver, they should contact Captain Mickey Coats at 864-984-4967.”