What to Do About T.E. Tribble Building 3

Alternatives for what to do about a historical Downtown Clinton business building were presented this week at the Clinton City Council’s December meeting. City Manager Bill Ed Cannon gave the Mayor and Council an update on the condition and plans for the former D.E. Tribble property on Gary Street. Cannon explained that the property, built in 1926, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

He stated that of three buildings on the site, buildings #1 and #2 have been partially repaired through a Federal Historic Preservation Grant.  The work completed includes structural and masonry repairs, including a new metal roof on both buildings.  The storefront area was also rehabilitated.

The grant amount, however, was not enough to address the problems with building #3, and the problems with that structure have grown worse.  The City of Clinton had applied for and was a awarded a Community Development Block Grant for $99,000 to be used to stabilize building #3.

However, as city employees were inspecting the building, they discovered that a larger section of the roof has now collapsed and an existing hole in the concrete floor appears to have increased in size.  The state of the building was deemed too dangerous to allow for an adequate inspection.

Bill Ed Cannon suggested the City of Clinton has three options for the work on building #3 and asked for guidance from City Council on which path to take.  The city can, 1st, Proceed with the grant and hope that it is enough to stabilize the structure; 2nd, Decline the grant with the idea of tearing the building down to increase the area of parking for the complex; or 3rd, Do nothing.

The city manager’s report noted that since this site is on the National Register, demolition would have to be approved by the State Historic Preservation Office.  He said he had contacted them and learned they were not inclined to approve demolition until they were assured that all options for rehabilitation had been considered.  Cannon’s report further stated that the additional parking that could result from the demolition of building #3 would not, in the eyes of the State Preservation Office, be viewed as a reason to tear the structure down.

What path Clinton should take on the 3rd building at D.E. Tribble was not discussed by council Monday evening. Bill Ed Cannon told council he needs guidance “from each of you.”