Coroner’s Annual Report

Motor vehicle accidents resulted in the largest number of deaths in Laurens County this past year that were not ruled from Natural Causes. Chief Deputy Coroner Vickie Cheek yesterday released the statistics for 2018. It shows that 500 of the 583 deaths in Laurens County for the year were of natural causes.

Mrs. Cheek said that of the 83 deaths that were not ruled of natural causes, 35 were from motor vehicle accidents. She pointed out that 3 of these deaths were of pedestrians. The next highest statistic was for death by suicide. There were 21 suicide deaths in Laurens County in 2018. Another 12 deaths were caused by drug overdoses during the year. In addition to those, there was 1 death ruled to have resulted from alcohol poisoning in 2018.

Vickie Cheek said that three people died from Homicide in Laurens County this past year. The deaths of 2 people were ruled the result of a fire. There were 2 deaths due to drowning last year. 2 more deaths were ruled as a misc. accidental cause and another 2 deaths were ruled to be infant death. 3 more of Laurens County’s deaths in 2018 were still pending a ruling, as of yesterday.