Drunk Driving YEAR in Clinton

When the agenda for the December meeting of Clinton City Council was published over a month ago it included an item calling for council to consider a resolution marking December as Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. Subsequent amendments to the agenda for December removed that item without explanation and it was not mentioned during council’s meeting in December.

An opinion column in the Clinton Chronicle written by Larry Franklin called attention to the removal of that item. WLBG’s Randy Stevens read Mr. Franklin’s column on air during a segment of Good Morning UpCountry last month and then wondered out loud what could have caused the item to be removed.

Clinton City Manager Bill Ed Cannon called in during that segment with an explanation. He said that he was responsible for creating the agenda for council meetings and that he had removed that particular item. He said that the issue was too important to have just one month designated and that he wanted the city of Clinton to support the prevention of drunk and drugged driving year-round. He said that he would ask council to designate 2019 as Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention YEAR at the January meeting of Clinton City Council.

Good to his word, that item was included on the agenda at last night’s meeting of council held at the M.S. Bailey Municipal Center on North Broad Street in downtown Clinton. Council did vote on Mr. Cannon’s request and it passed unanimously. 2019 is officially Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Year in Clinton.