Better Lighting, Less Cost

Laurens County’s new Public Works Director presented County Council with a bright idea this week. That comment isn’t meant as an editorial opinion; rather, the idea presented was for new lighting for the Hillcrest Square Courts and Services building. County Council unanimously approved a request for a change order for a project underway to replace the heating and air conditioning units (HVAC) that maintain temperatures inside the courtrooms and offices of Hillcrest Square. Public Works Director Dale Satterfield told council that this project is moving along quite well, but he said it is quite a complex and difficult process due to having to move staff around. He said his goal is for projects to have a good return on investment, which brought him request a change order for the current project at Hillcrest Square. He asked that another $98,850 be approved for current work in the massive county building. The money will be used to install LED lighting for the county courts and services complex. Satterfield said, “We looked at lighting at Hillcrest, there are 960 light fixtures in that part of the complex. Of them there are 4,437 components, with 80% not in manufacturing process today, and the lighting levels in the building need to be corrected.”

Dale Satterfield said the additional money would be used for to pay for changing lighting throughout the building to new LED lighting. He said this will be warranted for 25-year service and will provide the county with an annual energy savings of $27,000. He noted that will be a 28% return on the investment. He said the new LED lighting will be for the entire building, with exception of the new administration wing. It already has the new, energy-saving lighting.