New Industry & New Investments for Existing Industry

    Earlier this week, we reported on an announcement of BDS Technologies, now constructing its first plant in Laurens’ Hunter Industrial Park. The plant is expected to employee 44 people, with operations starting perhaps late this year. County Council this week approved fee-in-lieu agreements for this new plant, but also voted on incentives for existing industries planning additional investments in Laurens County.

   Council held a Public Hearing and gave final approval for incentives on behalf of “Project Autumn,” now identified as Milliken. Ordinance 855 is on behalf of a $2.5 million investment from Milliken to acquire certain machinery and equipment for use in the operation of an existing plant.

    Laurens County Council gave 2nd reading approval this week for Ordinance 857. This is regarding incentives for the Flame Spray plant at Fountain Inn, where an $8 million investment in that existing industry is planned, pending final approval of this ordinance.