OK, Let’s Order the Truck Now

     Four months ago, during the September, 2018 meeting of Clinton City Council, council was set to consider the purchase of a new bucket truck for the city’s Electric Utility Division in the Department of Public Works. The ALTEC truck was to cost $212,683 and be purchased with a down payment of $80,000. However, City Manager Bill Ed Cannon told council that salaries in that division were “out of whack” and that employees were leaving the city for more competitive pay. As an example, Cannon said that Laurens CPW pays approximately $7 per hour more for the same jobs. He recommended that council not approve the purchase of the new truck until he could address the salary shortfall, allowing him to use the funds budgeted to purchase the truck toward the salary issue.

     This week, at the January meeting of City Council Monday night, Mr. Cannon asked council to approve the purchase of a new truck for the Electric Utility Division, again from ALTEC for the same price of $212,683. He explained that the engine in the city’s current truck was in an almost constant state of disrepair and was not dependable. He said the current situation was almost like not having a truck because they never knew when it would be running.

   The same down payment of $80,000 would be required but, because of the lead time for the new truck to be ready, the down payment would not actually be made until after the start of the city’s next fiscal year on July 1, 2019. 

     After discussion, council approved the purchase with a unanimous vote, authorizing the City Manager to proceed with ordering the truck and paying the $80,000 down payment out of funds to come from the 2019-2020 fiscal year. The current truck will be disposed of by sale.