Meth Trafficking – Again!


A Laurens man was being held for Meth Trafficking charges, after the Sheriff’s Office allegedly found him with over 200 grams of meth. yesterday 38-year-old Shannon Leon Williams of 3588 Highway 49, Laurens was initially arrested with Deputy Brandon Howard issuing a ticket, charging him with having a Defective Tag Light on his vehicle at 10:30 yesterday morning on Highway 56 at Springdale Drive.

A Sheriff’s statement indicates that Deputies found Shannon Leon Williams to be in possession of a large quantity – 242 grams – of meth, along with marijuana, ecstasy, suboxone pills, and fentanyl powder. Mr. Williams was arrested without incident and transported to the Johnson Detention Center where he was being held overnight, pending warrants. The Sheriff’s Office indicated it intends to charge him with Trafficking Meth in Excess of 200 grams, Possession of Fentanyl, 3rd or subsequent offense, Possession of Ecstasy, 3rd or subsequent offense, Possession of Schedule III Narcotics, 2nd or subsequent offense and Possession of Marijuana, 2nd offense. Another charge being sought is Unlawful Conduct toward a Child, for allegedly having a child in the vehicle with him at the time of his arrest.

Sheriff Don Reynolds said, “This repeat offender has a long criminal history dating back to the late 90’s and was currently out on bond for trafficking meth and numerous other charges.” The Sheriff added, “We put him in jail in November of 2017 for Trafficking Meth and 2nd offense possession of marijuana, yet here we are doing it again. According to the public index, he had 9 different criminal charges pending at the time of his arrest today, dating back to 2016.” Don Reynolds expressed frustration from dealing with repeat offenders who should be in prison.