Changes in Household Garbage Disposal

Laurens County is actively looking for a new transfer station in order to more efficiently get household garbage to a landfill. The transfer station off Interstate 26 in Clinton closed January 31st. In an interview this morning on WLBG, Laurens County Public Works Director Dale Satterfield said Republic Waste Management closed the transfer station, placing their focus on operating landfills. He said that to get the best value for county taxpayers, County Council approved using Greenville County’s Twin Chimney Landfill for Laurens County’s household garbage disposal. He said the Greenville County landfill was at a much- reduced cost that Republic was charging Laurens County for disposal of household waste at their Wildcat landfill in Western Union County.

With the transfer station in Clinton now closed, the cities of Clinton and Laurens along with Laurens County are now taking household garbage to Twin Chimneys Landfill. Until a new transfer station can be opened, Clinton, Laurens and Laurens County waste disposal trucks will have to make multiple trips a day to Twin Chimneys Landfill, on US 25 a few miles north of Princeton.

Dale Satterfield told WLBG that the county is exploring all available options to get a new transfer station operating in Laurens County to reduce the additional travel to the new landfill. He said the new Laurens-County owned Transfer station will be much smaller than the one Republic Waste Management operated in Clinton.

Satterfield told WLBG that the ten Laurens County Convenience sites for disposal of household garbage for Laurens County residents are continuing to operate as usual. He pointed out that this is for household use by Laurens County residents. Large truckloads or large trailer loads must be taken directly to a landfill. Satterfield said private citizens are limited to a level pickup load or a small, 4×6 trailer load.

Satterfield told WLBG News that the cost of constructing a new transfer station will be covered by the savings of using Twin Chimney Landfill in three years’ time.