Major Repair Needed to Police & Fire Station

At the conclusion of all Clinton City Council meetings, members of council are given the opportunity to make statements or ask questions. Often this time is used to point out concerns that constituents have brought to a council member’s attention. At the February meeting of Clinton City Council this week, the status of Clinton’s police and fire building on North Broad was discussed.

Council member Shirley Jenkins asked a question that generated somewhat of a surprising answer Monday evening. She asked for an update on repairs needed and the general status of the building that houses the Clinton Police Department and Clinton Fire Department.

City Manager Bill Ed Cannon answered the question: “I think part of the building needs to be torn down. It’s just beyond economical repair” he said. He went on to say that constructing a new building on the lot next door, the lot which used to house the Clinton Public Library, might be the best option. He added that probably the only way to do that would be to float a bond.

That may not have been the expected answer but neither Ms. Jenkins or any of the other members of council elaborated on it as the meeting ended.