Armed Robbery

An Armed Robbery report dispatched Laurens Police to the Pavan Food Store on North Harper at Fleming Street at 10:54 Wednesday morning. A clerk reportedly told officers that a black male wearing a grey hoodie and carrying a black gun came into the store and told her, “Give me all you got.”

A review of surveillance video reportedly showed the subject run into the store with the gun in his right hand and with his left hand covered. He went to the front of the counter, then moved around the counter to where the clerk was standing. The video reportedly showed the subject point the gun at her. She went to the cash register and as it opened the subject was viewed grabbing at the money with his covered hand, but the cash register fell to the floor. The subject then hurried to pick up the money and ran out of the store, making a right toward Fleming Street.

The employee told officers she didn’t see any vehicles in the parking lot, and that because of the cash register drawer being dropped, the subject only was able to get approximately $30.00.