Candidates Questioned by Mike Pitts

A group of some 40 people gathered at The Ridge in Laurens last evening for a candidate’s forum, hosted by the person all four candidates want to replace. Former Representative Mike Pitts had expressed some degree of displeasure with certain aspects of other forums and decided to host and moderate a forum on his own. He asked the four candidates seeking the Republican Party nomination questions for about two hours.

As promised, none of the questions were “softball” questions designed to make a favored candidate look good.  Also as promised, none were “gotcha” questions designed to make a particular candidate stumble. Questions included, “Should welfare recipients in South Carolina be required to pass a drug test to receive benefits?…Should all elected official’s income be a matter of public record?… Of the ten amendments in the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights, which do you believe is the most important?” Those are examples of the questions Pitts asked of Michael Seymour, Grant Blair, Scott Horne and Stewart Jones during the forum last evening.

All four candidates are scheduled to appear on WLBG -live- with Randy Stevens on Good Morning UpCountry the rest of this week, starting today with Grant Blair.