Safer Driving Here?

Eight people died on South Carolina Highways this past weekend. Yesterday’s announcement from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety indicates preliminary reports show the eight deaths occurred across the state from 6:00 Friday evening until midnight Sunday night. That brings the total traffic fatalities for 2019 to 152 people, down from 155 on the same date last year.

The report lists three fatalities for the year in Laurens County, which is a big improvement over the past two years. At this date last year State Public Safety had recorded seven traffic fatalities here last year, and twelve the year before. Neighboring Greenwood County also has three fatalities so far for 2019, but for them, that’s an increase from one or two each of the previous three years.

Of our other neighbors, Abbeville and Union both had three traffic deaths as of this date in 2016, but neither have had any traffic fatalities as of March 10th in 2017, 2018 and here in 2019. Newberry has had one fatality so far in 2019, Anderson and Spartanburg have nine and Greenville County has fourteen.

Of the 152 people who’ve been killed on roadways around the state through March 10th, 108 had access to seat belts, but 50 of those were not wearing them. The 152 traffic fatalities include 28 pedestrians, eight motorcyclists and three bicyclists.