LCDSN To Receive Title to 13 Acres

The Laurens County Disabilities and Special Needs Board is being presented the title to the land their headquarters building is on. Laurens County Council this week gave unanimous 3rd and final reading approval for ordinance 859, which conveys 13 acres of land on SC 14 northwest of Laurens to the Laurens County Disabilities and Special Needs Board.

According to County Attorney Sandy Cruickshanks, Laurens County held 13 acres, and on April 13, 1981 the county entered into an agreement with the Laurens County Mental Retardation Board, now known as Laurens County Disabilities and Special Needs Board, for the construction of the facility upon that property, with county council retaining the fee title to the property.

Since the board has constructed, maintained and improved the building as well as maintained the property over the past 35 years, and also intends to invest over $400,000 to improve, remodel, upgrade and maintain this facility here in 2019, County Council has concluded it was in the best interest of the county to convey the property to the Disabilities and Special Needs Board without further compensation.

No one came forward to voice an opinion on the matter in a public hearing, held just before Tuesday night’s final vote to approve the land transfer.