Preparing for Growth

The Laurens County Development Corporation (LCDC) is assigned the task of brining growth to Laurens County. The LCDC’s board of directors were updated this week about work underway to be able to handle growth.

LCDC Executive Director Jonathan Coleman noted that about a year and a half ago they approved funding to conduct a traffic corridor study for the I-385 and SC 14 area in northern Laurens County. The approval was contingent upon Laurens County Council also providing funds. Coleman advised the board that County Council has approved that participation.

The LCDC applied for a $1.6 Million grant from the Federal Highway Administration. A portion of that grant was to fund this traffic corridor study. Unfortunately, Laurens County was not awarded the grant, requiring the traffic corridor study to be undertaken using local funds.

Jonathan Coleman told the board that in early morning and late afternoon hours the Gray Court area “is not only crowded but it’s just not safe either.” He said he hopes this study will help local officials go to the South Carolina Department of Transportation with evidence that improvements are very much needed. The study will also suggest what could be done to improve the traffic situation in that area.