Good Fire Truck. Nice Color, Too

Laurens County Council this week approved reimbursement for work on a new fire truck for the Joanna Fire Department. Laurens County Fire Service Director Greg Lindley reminded council they had authorized use of up to $250,000 to purchase a pre-used platform truck from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  He noted this truck was in excellent condition and had been well-maintained. While the original asking price was $250,000, Lindley said that after several discussions with that fire department Laurens County was able to purchase the platform truck for $210,000. He explained the problem was the truck was light-blue. Joanna paid to have it painted to match their fleet. They requested a reimbursement for the amount they spent painting the truck and having some body work done. Lindley said, “They’re requesting $24,300. This still puts the total purchase and painting at $234,300; still below the $250,000 authorized. Council’s vote was unanimous.

Council was advised the current fire reserve fund balance is $650,000.