Meth & Marijuana with Intent to Distribute

Two charges of Possessing Meth with Intent to Distribute and multiple traffic offenses early this year were alleged of a man the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested Friday. 39-year-old Richard Lloyd Long of 283 Locust street, Clinton is charged with Failure to Stop for Blue Lights and Siren and other traffic charges of Driving under Suspension, Habitual Offender for Driving under Suspension, Driving an Uninsured Vehicle and Driving an Unregistered Vehicle. Two drug warrants charge him with 2nd Offense Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute back in January and Deputy Roberson issued a ticket also charging him with Simple Possession of Marijuana on Henderson Road at Brookview Friday afternoon at 4:03 pm.

Two warrants citing an investigation of Deputy Ritter state that on January 4th of 2019 Long knowingly possessed Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute, 2nd Offense.

Warrants were also served on Richard Long stating that on January 4th 2019 he was driving with his license suspended, found to be a 3rd or subsequent offense in the past five years, and that he was found to be a Habitual Offender for driving while prohibited from doing so. He’s also accused of operating an uninsured vehicle, one that was not registered and that he failed to stop that vehicle when directed by siren and blue lights.

Cash or surety bonds on the seven charges were set totaling $53,387.50. Richard Lloyd Long, also reportedly known as Jason Burroughts, remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.