Over $100,000 Bonds on Drug Charges

A local man, arrested last Thursday evening, remained in custody this morning with bonds exceeding $100,000 on multiple drug-related charges.

Laurens City Police served warrants charging 30-year-old Michael Leon “Mike” Killingsworth of 104 Candra Drive, Laurens with Possession with Intent to Distribute Methamphetamine, 3rd or Subsequent Offense and with Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana. He’s also charged with Destruction of Evidence and with Flight Upon Sight of police.

One warrant, citing an investigation of Laurens Police Sgt. Billy Sellers, states that on Thursday, April 11th on North Harper Street in Laurens, Killingsworth possessed crystal methamphetamine with intent to distribute, having in his direct possession approximately two grams of meth. It adds that the defendant’s criminal history reflects an exorbitant number of prior convictions for meth-related charges, making this third or subsequent offense. Another warrant citing Sgt. Seller’s investigation states that on the 11th Mike Killingsworth possessed marijuana with intent to distribute, having approximately ten grams of marijuana accompanied by excessive amount of plastic sandwich bags and a digital scale, both commonly used in the sale and distribution of illegal substances. A warrant alleging Destruction of Evidence states that Killingsworth removed illegal substances from on or within his person while detained by law enforcement Thursday and concealed the illegal contraband within the confines of the patrol vehicle. In addition to the six warrants, Sgt. Sellers issued a ticket charging Flight on Sight (loitering) on Woodrow Street at 11:00 pm Thursday night.

Michael Leon “Mike” Killingsworth remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning with cash or surety bonds totaling $102,000.