Traffic Fatalities

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety yesterday announced that four persons were killed this past weekend on the state’s highway. This preliminary count provides a total count of traffic fatalities for this year of 242, as of midnight Sunday night. That’s an improvement from the 268 people killed as of April 14th in 2018.

The 242 deaths on state highways so far this year include 167 motor vehicle occupants. 78 were not wearing their seat belts.

We’ve had 44 pedestrians killed on roadways, up from 41 this date last year. 14 motorcycle fatalities are noted, dramatically down from 24 last year. We’ve had 9 bicyclists killed in traffic this year, more than double the 4 killed on highways by this date in 2018.

South Carolina Public Safety records for 2019 report six traffic fatalities in Laurens County through April 14th. While that’s a big jump during the past week or so, it’s still below the 9 fatalities as of this date last year, and 15 this date in 2017.