Book Signing for Volume III, Laurens County History

The third book in a series on Laurens County history has been released. Local history enthusiasts have planned a special book-signing event to introduce the new publication this month. Volume III of Laurens County history is entitled Dramatic Changes: 1840 – 1900.

The event to highlight the new book is to be held in Holmes Photography on the north side of the Laurens Public Square on Thursday, April 25th. The event will start at 5:30 that afternoon and continue until 7:00 pm.

You’re invited to come meet the editor, Richard Fowler and the other contributing writers for Volume III.

The Laurens County history series began with the original residents prior to the arrival of European. The 3rd volume has details of the political history, development of transportation, the War Between the States, Reconstruction and covers African American Society from Slavery to Citizenship. This book is considered a who’s who of prominent Laurens County individuals and also chronicles industrial and economic development in Laurens County during the 1840-1900 time span. It had pages of old home places, maps and genealogy.

Again – the book signing for Dramatic Changes: 1840-1900 is Thursday, April 25th from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at Holmes Photography. All three volumes will be available for purchase.