Burglary, Assault & Ill Treatment of Animal Pleas

Judge McIntosh continued hearing guilty pleas yesterday in Laurens County General Sessions Court.

33-year-old Christy Nicole Earnhart of 189 North Forest Street, Spartanburg pled guilty to Forgery and to Breach of Trust, Obtaining Property under False Pretense. On each, she was sentenced to two years with credit for 180 days in jail. Both sentences are to be served concurrently.

With the plea on those two charges, another case of Breach of Trust, Obtaining Property under False Tokens was dismissed.

26-year-old Mohammed Hosam Farhan of 4706 North Old Laurens Road, Gray Court pled yesterday to 2nd Degree Assault and Battery. An 18-month sentence was suspended to three years on probation. The probation can be terminated on completion of Anger Management and a Mental Health Evaluation. A “no-contact” order was reportedly lifted at the request of the victim.

30-year-old James Adams Gary II of 102 College Park Drive, Clinton pled yesterday to Ill Treatment of Animals. He was sentenced to a 30-days behind bars or a $200 fine. Gary was given 30 days to pay the fine.

26-year-old Keaunte Reddick of Wages Road, Columbia pled guilty on two counts of 2nd Degree Burglary. On both charges he was sentenced to 90 days, time already served. These were to be served concurrently, and concurrent to a seven-year federal prison sentence. Two Laurens County charges of Criminal Conspiracy were dismissed in yesterday’s court action.

38-year-old Julie Elaine Hueble of 23,278 Highway 121, Whitmire pled yesterday to Petit Larceny. She was sentenced to time already served. Charges dismissed for Ms. Hueble yesterday included Breaking Into a Motor Vehicle or Tanks, Criminal Conspiracy and Common Law Conspiracy.

35-year-old Tara Inez Tumblin of 973 Fleming Street Extension, Laurens pled to Enhanced Shoplifting. She was sentenced to 3 years, but the balance is to be suspended to five years on probation after 24 months, if she’s in compliance. Ms. Tumblin pled to Possession of a Narcotic and sentenced to 18 months. This is to be suspended to five years on probation if she’s in compliance after 24 months. Three more Possession of Controlled Substance charges were dismissed in the plea bargain with Ms. Tumblin.

A three-year sentence for a 47-year-old Gray Court man was suspended to 15 months on probation following pleas to Cocaine and Marijuana Possession. A 22-year-old Laurens man who pled to DUI was sentenced to five days or a $400 fine and was given 90 days to pay the fine.