Mayor Senn Thanked Saturday Volunteers

Mayor Nathan Senn conducted his first Laurens City Council meeting last evening. In his opening comments, the Mayor said he was pleased with last Saturday’s turnout of folks for the city-wide trash clean-up day. He Senn said, “It shows everyone that we care about our city.”

Mayor Senn also announced that Laurens’ City Building and Zoning Department Director, Clay Rykard, is planning to leave his position with the city as soon as a replacement has been found for the job. WLBG Contacted Mr. Rykard, who said he was going to return to pursuing his career as a Surveyor on a full-time basis. He had put that work on a back burner on taking the position with the city several years ago.

In announcing the news, Mayor Senn said that he was grateful to Mr. Rykard for his many years of service to the city. Council members and others in attendance applauded on behalf of the contributions to the city by Clay Rykard.