1st Steps Wants Adults to Help Address Childhood Issues

Before the break, we reported on Laurens City Council proclaiming April as Child Abuse Awareness Month, requested by Laurens Police and First Steps. Anyone who may have wondered what they can do about problems impacting our children should take note that Laurens County First Steps Partnership is now looking for people who will help First Steps in its commitment to the education, healthy development and well-being our Laurens County children from birth to four-years-old.

First Steps is now accepting suggestions of people to serve on the Laurens County First Steps Board. They’re looking for people from a variety of segments of the county population.

The deadline for someone to be nominated is tomorrow. Nominations from anyone in Laurens County needs to be delivered to the First Steps Office by tomorrow at the latest. The office is in the School District 55 Administration building at 301 Hillcrest Drive. Nomination forms are also available at the office today.

For more last-minute information, call Rosemary Patterson at 864-984-8130. That’s 984-81-30. Or Email: rpatterson@laurens55.org