Two Undercover Drug Sales Alleged

An undercover drug sale one year ago today was among charges served with a Clinton Police arrest yesterday. 44-year-old Thomas Jefferson Simmons Jr. of 111-A North Bell Street, Clinton was charged with two counts of 2nd Offense Distribution of Crack Cocaine and two counts of Distribution within Proximity of a Park.

Warrants alleged that Simmons sold a quantity of crack cocaine to a confidential informant who was working in an undercover capacity. These transactions are said to have occurred at 111-A North Bell Street last year on April 19th and May 31st. This location is reportedly within a half mile of a public park on Jefferson Street.

This was investigated by Clinton Detective Prather and Sgt. Metz and Sheriff’s Sgt. Veal. Thomas Jefferson Simmons Jr. was delivered to the Johnson Detention Center late yesterday. He was held overnight, awaiting a bond hearing today on the four drug charges.