New Hires Approved, Even if State Funding Isn’t

The Laurens County District 55 School Board’s first order of business in open session last night was to approve contracts for hiring five positions, which had been discussed during executive session. The new positions included three ‘new hires.’ The Trustees voted to approve with one ‘no’ vote from new board member Kathy Little. She told WLBG “I did not want to approve the three new hires due to a yet uncertain budget.”

The District 55 School Board was unanimous last evening in approving authorization to file for federal money. The funds being sought are for Title 1-5, which includes funds for low income areas, professional development, ESL programs, academic support and funding for schools in rural areas.

Trustee Kathy Little asked if these funds were guaranteed. Jody Penland responded that they would be guaranteed for the next school year, but he was not sure about the year after.

To quality for the funds, the District 55 School Board first unanimously approved the Children’s Internet Protection Act. This requires that K–12 schools and libraries in the United States use internet filters and implement other measures to protect children from harmful online content. This compliance is a condition for federal funding.