Meth with Intent with Infant and Near Park

Christopher Boggs

Multiple Meth charges were served on a man Laurens Police arrested early Friday morning. 29-year-old Christopher Kevin Boggs was booked showing an address on Hill Drive, Laurens. He’s charged with Possession of Crystal Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute Friday morning. Two other warrants charge him with Possession with Intent within Proximity of a Park and in Presence of a Child.

Warrants citing an investigation of Sgt. Billy Sellers state that Christopher Kevin Boggs possessed crystal methamphetamine with intent to distribute Friday, allegedly having “constructive possession” of approximately 3.14 grams of crystal meth at 309 Exchange Drive, Laurens. This possession with intent allegedly occurred less than a half mile from Laurens City Park and in the presence of an infant child in a residence at 309 Exchange Drive.

Cash or surety bonds on the three Meth charges were set totaling $90,000. Christopher Kevin Boggs remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.