CPW Adopts Industrial Electrical Rate

The Laurens Commission of Public Works has approved a rate change to be offered for large, industrial electric customers. At the May meeting of the Commission last evening, a unanimous vote approved the change to become effective on bills rendered on and after yesterday. The rate applies only to large industrial or commercial customers in the LCPW’s

service territory.

Conditions for use of the new electric rate include customers who maintain an annual average monthly demand of 750 kW or greater. There is an alternative formula for customers with specific North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Codes.

General Manager John Young advised the commissioners last night that the rates that were in use for these industrial customers were established in 1996, but were never requested by any customers. He added that new industry in the county “May now be eligible” for the new rates.

The 1996 rates had a basic facility charge of $400 a month. The new industrial rates now in place have a basic facility charge of $42.00 a month.

The new rate structure also makes changes in the rates charged for peak demand use of electricity.