Over 100 Grams of Meth in Casserole Dishes


Meth Trafficking and Possession of a Stolen Vehicle was charged yesterday on two people arrested by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Thomas Boyd initially issued a ticket charging 20-year-old Zachary Hunter Strange of 50 Thimble Drive, Gray Court with 3rd Offense Driving under Suspension at 12:49 Wednesday afternoon on Highway 76 West at Allison Road. Warrants now charge Mr. Strange and 44-year-old Krysta Norene Woolard of Relax Street, Waterloo with Trafficking in Methamphetamine and Possession of a Stolen Vehicle. Warrants citing an investigation by Deputy Boyd indicate they were in possession of a 2017 Nissan Rogue owned by another person and of two glass casserole dishes containing methamphetamine weighing more than 100 grams.

Zachary Strange is also facing two more charges from Wednesday, Convicted Felon in Possession of Firearms or Ammunition and 1st Degree Burglary. From Sgt. Boyd’s investigation, he’s accused of being in possession of 379 rounds of ammunition of various calibers. A 4th warrant cites an investigation by Deputy Atwood as indicating that, also on May

22nd, Mr. Strange entered a dwelling at 12414 Highway 76 West, Gray Court without consent and with intent to commit a crime therein. It further states that he has a record of two or more prior convictions for burglary.

Bond was denied on all five charges for Zachary Hunter Strange. With bonds totaling $35,000 on her two charges, Krysta Norene Woolard also remained in custody this morning.