Bloody Dog Drug on Sidewalks

Laurens Police charged a man with Ill Treatment of Animals Friday, following his Thursday arrest.

Laurens Police Officers Gallo and Yelton were dispatched to Cemetery Hill on North Harper at 4:07 Thursday afternoon on report of an animal in distress. Officers arrived to find two females and a male leaning over a dog on the sidewalk that appeared to be in extreme distress. They observed bleeding from the underside of the dog. It was lying prone with rear legs stretched behind it and front legs directly in front. The dog could hardly move its head and was breathing extremely fast and shallow with its tongue hanging out.

The dog’s owner was identified as Calvin Bernard Williams. When asked what happened, he reportedly replied, “Nothing, I just decided to stop…to allow the dog to rest for a moment.”

The women said they observed Mr. Williams dragging the dog by a leash and collar so they turned their car around then stopped and called 911. They indicated they attempted to give the dog water, but it was unable to drink. Williams reportedly told police he had given the dog water earlier in the day.

When Animal Control arrived on the scene and turned the dog onto its side they noted abrasions on her rear legs and along her stomach and nipples. The dog had lost control of bowel and urine functions. Animal Control took the dog for treatment and was reportedly put down due to its condition.

Officers traced where the dog had apparently been drug, including past the Little River without letting her have water there, and noted the man had intended to drag the dog nearly three miles more. They believe the man had walked the dog to the point her pads were bleeding. As the animal became exhausted, he allegedly continued dragging it, causing the bleeding from being drug on its belly.

40-year-old Calvin Bernard Williams of Badgers Trestle, Laurens was charged Friday with Ill Treatment of Animals, Torture. Williams remained in custody Friday night.