Council Moves on Garbage Transfer Station

There was a lot of trash talk at last night’s Laurens County Council meeting. County Administrator Jon Caime presented a self-funding plan for the county to have a new Household Garbage transfer station constructed at the old county landfill site south of Laurens off the 127 By-Pass. The need for a transfer station arose when county negotiations failed with Republic’s transfer station on Clinton’s north side. County garbage was taken from there for disposal in a Republic landfill in southwest Union County. Laurens County garbage is now taken to the Twin Chimneys Landfill in southern Greenville County, but a transfer station is needed to more efficiently deliver garbage to the landfill.

Jon Caime said the plan he presented for the transfer station will not require a predicted $75 increase in the annual household garbage disposal fee. Caime proposed the county self-fund the new transfer station by borrowing from a Solid Waste Enterprise Fund, using reserves from the General Fund. He said rather than paying a bank $300,000 in interest, the county would pay itself back, in effect paying taxpayers 2.4% by using General Fund money to pay into a Solid Waste Enterprise Fund.

A chart was presented showing a potential growth in the fund balance, noting the five-year payback for equipment purchased and a ten-year payback on the station.

County Council unanimously approved a self-funding loan of up to $1,375,000 from the General Fund Balance to the 210 Solid Waste Fund at the 2.4% interest rate and approved self-funding of up to $500,000 for the fiscal year 2020 budget.

The apparent qualified low bidder for building the Transfer Station site is Sossamon Construction at $1,375,500.00 That’s higher than an estimated cost of $1.2 million, due to a need for fill dirt. They’re considering saving on that by getting dirt from the Johnson Detention Center property, and other options are also being considered.

Council delayed action on the bid to their next meeting. Councilman Joe Wood asked action on the bid be delayed until council can see the specifications and design.

Council last night approved $423,400 for acquiring rolling stock equipment to begin operations at the new transfer station.