Generator, Screw Pumps for Sewer Plant

The Laurens Commission of Public Works last night approved two resolutions authorizing its General Manager to acquire items for the CPW’s Little River Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Resolution 19-04 authorizes John Young to execute an agreement with the City of King’s Mountain, North Carolina to purchase a backup emergency diesel generator for the sewer plant. Noting a new generator costs $600,000, the vote authorizes a $100,000 be spent to purchase a 1999 model Caterpillar. Noting the 1,600 Kilovolt generator was barely used and is more powerful than the new generator.

Another unanimous vote approved Resolution 19-05, which authorizes CPW management to execute a contract with the Morgan Corporation of Duncan, SC for installation of new screw pumps at the Little River Wastewater Treatment Plant. That’s to cost $326,000. This money was already included in the CPW budget for 2019.