Local Deputy Received Extensive Injuries

A Laurens County Deputy suffered extensive burns this past weekend following a freak accident after he left work at the Johnson Detention Center. Laurens County Deputy Ralph Braswell reportedly suffered extensive burns from the incident early this past Sunday morning.

Laurens County Sheriff Don Reynolds told WLBG that Deputy Braswell was leaving work at the Johnson Detention Center when he had car trouble on Templeton Road. Deputy Braswell called his wife for assistance and began checking under the hood of the car to find the problem, then the engine compartment explosively erupted into flames.

The Sheriff said Deputy Braswell’s daughter is credited with helping extinguish the flames on her Dad which probably saved his life. Reynolds says that Braswell’s injuries were so severe that a call was made for a medical helicopter, but, “The weather was so bad that night that the helicopter could not fly.”

Deputy Braswell was transported to the Joseph Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia where he underwent treatment. He was released but we are told that he has since experienced complications and has been returned to the Burn Center.

Darlene Braswell, the deputy’s wife, says he needs a hospital bed for use at home during what will be a long road to recovery. She said that insurance will not pay for the bed that he needs.

Anyone who can assist in acquiring a hospital bed for the injured deputy is asked to contact the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office at (864)984-4967.