Domestic Violence & Drug Distribution Alleged

A resident of the Youngs Community of Laurens County was arrested Saturday on Domestic Violence and Drug charges from Friday and Saturday. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office charged 45-year-old Billy Paul Lipford Jr. of 7186 Highway 101, North, Gray Court with 2nd Degree Domestic Violence and with Distribution of Methamphetamine.

One warrant citing an investigation of Deputy Kanipe alleges that on June 21st Lipford committed Domestic Violence in the 2nd Degree by placing the victim in reasonable fear of injury. The warrant alleges that on Friday Lipford used a wooden plank to threaten the victim, noting use of the plank was likely to have caused moderate bodily injury to the victim if the assault on her was carried out. The warrant also states that this threat occurred in the presence of his and the victim’s child.

A second warrant cited an investigation of Deputy Davis as indicating that on June 22nd Mr. Lipford did knowingly distribute or intend to distribute approximately four grams of methamphetamine on Highway 101 North at Knighten Chapel Road.

With cash or surety bonds set at $5,000 on the Domestic Violence charge and $25,000 on the Meth warrant, Billy Paul Lipford Jr. remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.