County Council Approves New Pay, Standardization for EMS Employees

Laurens County Council unanimously passed an EMS Standardization Plan last evening, along with unanimous approval for its pay scale. County Administrator Jon Caime described it to Council, saying “Is a very detailed report and plan of action to correct an unfair and illogical compensation system, which was created years ago.” Caime indicated recent upgrades for other county departments had not yet included Fire and EMS operations. He indicated the plan presented last evening will bring Laurens County’s EMS up to “a market-based competitive pay.”

Caime noted a need to fill open positions for Emergency Medical Technicians and also some paramedic positions. He recommended last night’s action to help create the ability for county employees to continue advancing in their careers without having to leave Laurens County. He proposed creation of a career ladder for employees of the county EMS department while motivating current employees to further their careers here, citing a need to “motivate new employees to join our system and remain here.”