Patterson Wins County Council Nomination

Brown Patterson Jr. won the Republican Primary yesterday for the Special Election to fill the vacant seat for District 4 on Laurens County Council. The unofficial totals last evening gave Patterson 494 votes. Jennifer Garrett received 190.

When we asked Brown Patterson what he attributes the win to, he suggested hard work and dedication. “I think just touching the flesh. Getting out, talking to people one-one-one and asking for their vote.”

Brown Patterson also thanked the voters for their support. “I just want to thank all the voters of Laurens District 4 that came out and voted. I appreciate all your support and look forward to representing you on County Council.”

Jennifer Garrett also spoke with WLBG last night, acknowledging things didn’t go the way she had hoped. “It didn’t, but you know, we really worked hard and I’m super grateful to all my supporters and all those that came out to vote today. And I really want to stand behind Mr. Patterson now and wish him the best. And I know he can come through for the county.”

Of the almost 6,000 registered voters eligible to vote yesterday in County Council District 4, not quite 12% voted.

The results of the primary will be reviewed by a canvas of the Laurens County Elections Commission at 11:00 Thursday morning. Since no one filed seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for County Council District 4, Brown Patterson will be the only nominated candidate for the actual Special Election, set for September 10th.

Scroll down on for a look at the vote by precinct, posted last night.