No Adoption Fee for a Dog – thru Sunday Afternoon

Special measures are being taken this week trying to save the lives of some dogs. In an appearance on WLBG this morning, Geoff Brown with Laurens County Animal Control says their shelter is currently overcrowded. Seriously overcrowded. “We are packed full. We’ve been packed full for a couple weeks. We have paired together more than one dog in a run with every dog we can do that with and we literally don’t have another spot to put a dog right now.”

Laurens County Animal Control is not a no-kill facility, but they make every effort to avoid putting down healthy dogs. They’ve been successful lately. They have not put down dogs, other than dogs that were sick or injured beyond help, in several months.

They want to maintain that streak. To do so, Laurens County Animal Control is offering free adoptions beginning today and through Sunday. Adoptions normally cost $45 and that includes spay or neuter along with the first round of vaccinations. Right now, they’re providing that veterinary care and still adopting dogs with no fee.

Shelter hours are from Noon until 6:00 pm this afternoon and Friday afternoon. Saturday hours are 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. The shelter is to be open Sunday afternoon, also from 12:00 until 6:00.

The Laurens County Animal Shelter is located at the corner of Torrington Road and Mount Vernon Church near the Laurens County Airport.